Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Went to eat $1 fish and chips at Fish and Co today. Shiok Shiok.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It has been quite long since I wrote here. Had been neglecting this blog as compare to my cheer blog.

After recent events, I felt that it will be good if I can attend some public speaking courses. I felt that often i might be required to talk to a group of people, but I felt I did not do it well often enough. I have no problems with talking to them, it is just that I felt my speeches can be more fluent and brings along a main point, a message that will be remembered after the speech.

Ok, it is now nearing the end of March, 1st quarter of the year has past. Let's see what have I done to fulfill my resolutions for 2010.

Resolutions I have achieved fully or partly till their timespan expired:
1. I got a good bonus
2. I weighed 76kg
3. I gave $150 before Nationals

Resolutions I did not achieve and the changes to it:
1. I did not get Sky Terrace @ Dawson, and changed it to getting a property

Progressive actions taken to fulfill all other resolutions:
1. I blogged in snowandstar
2. Contributed to dating fund monthly
3. Gone to new places to eat very month
4. Got presents for Liu Dear
5. Constantly motivate Liu Dear in cheerleading
6. Trying to treat Liu Dear even nicer
1. Working hard to find more income
2. Managed and contribute to my FFA everyday
3. Constanly on the look out for pssive income streams, had a go with Herbalife, online business and also advertisements on blog
4. Start listening to 93.8 and stocks, markets related news
5. Need to buck up at work
1. Revamp X-Wonder blog, added advertising and had our own domain
2. Stunt whenever it it possible
1. Did sit ups when I have the chance, but need to buck up
2. Going to the gym more often now
3. Signed up for Passion run and had been running
4. Training sit ups
5. Doing handstand whenever possible; shown improvements
6. Go gym more often, and tried the "1 solid set"
Health and Appearance
1. Ask my mum to help source for Lasik
2. Concious about sleeping late, but need to keep to it
3. Eating Schizendra for sinus
4. Using shampoo that nourishes hair
5. Trying to sleep more
6. Used cream for joints
1. Contribute to give fund
2. Started video of the month project

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy 79th Birthday to Ah gong!

Celebration @ Owen's Seafood resturant (Turf city)

Friday, March 5, 2010


Happy 52 Months.

So good you no need to work today

A very nice Korean restaurant in Chinatown. The side dishes are all free flow.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Take the first step out

Started doing my herbalife business once again. It was largely because I got my first customer. I was very fortuanate to have so many people helping and supporting me. It sort of "forces" me back into action.

I went flyer giving again today, and in 1 hour's time, I got 2 calls and booked 1 appointment next Tuesday. Hard work will always be repaid. Going to get my products tonight too, quite excited.

P.S: Got 2 new ideas as I was distributing the flyers. Shall implement them ASAP.