Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vday 2013

We decided to celebrate Vday in a more special way this year --- Gymnastic training @ Bazgym! Woohoo..

It had been very long since we last went for gymnastic training. Had a really fun time tumbling around with Starry! Yeah! =)

After gymnastic training, we went to Fish & Co @ JP to complete our Vday celebration. We ordered the sumptuous Vday set meal. We realized that we were unable to eat as much compared to last time. Our stomach had shrunk over the years. Haha... Had a fun & enjoyable Vday with Starry! Cheers! =D

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NTU Hall Olympaid Cheerleading Competition 2013

HO cheerleading competition was finally over. 

We were pretty disappointed as Hall 5 Vikings did not hit an ASU routine, the goal that we had set for them. That aside, coaching Vikings had been an enjoyable & enriching experience for us as we had been through many ups & downs. They are a bunch of highly motivated and high-energy cheerleaders though playful at times. We hope that most of them will continue to cheer on in Vikings to finish their cheerleading journey with an ASU.