Friday, June 21, 2013

My Journey for 6 pacs

Alright some pictures to track my progress and to motivate myself. If you happend to find and see these images on google or what, I apologise for the ugliness of my fats. Starting from 1st of June 2013, I commit to have a 6 pac abs in 10 months time.

This is a self taken shot on 1st June 2013. More photos of my fat body below.

Don't worry, you wont't be seeing such an ugly sight as we move along down the road. I will have my 6 pacs soon, just like the guy below. You will then love to look at the pictures I will be posting up in future.

My motivation and idol

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy PaPa's Day!

For this year Father's Day, I made a collage specially for my PaPa. My PaPa is a man of few words. Although he never said anything when I gave him the present, his smiley expression already revealed his liking for the present that I had made for him. Yeah! Thank you PaPa for all the love and concern over the past twenty over years. You are an awesome PaPa! Cheers! =) 

Other than celebrating my PaPa's day @ night having steamboat and bbq @ our home sweet home, we also celebrated Starry's Father's Day in the afternoon @ West Coast Jack's Place. Xinghui suggested bringing Starry's father to Jack's Place as he loves the steak there and eating @ West Coast Jack's Place brought back many of their sweet old memories. We had a great and enjoyable lunch together. 

Hereby wishing all the fathers, "Happy Father's Day!" =)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Opus Jay 2013 World Tour

Jay Chou's concert was "FANTASTIC". Although we were a little late for the concert (due to massive jam at the highway) and missing a small part of the opening, overall we still had a super high & ecstatic night singing along with him.

Jay Chou's Fans Forever!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Let's Tone Up Starry!

Today is the first day of Starry's journey to fit and tone body. Woohoo... 

Jiayou Starry! You can do it. Yeah!

Hope this collage of a successfully toned up man motivates you. =)