Monday, April 15, 2013

Starry's Swollen Knee Treatment Day

Starry's left knee was swollen after the intense gyming & cheer training for the past one week. Hence, I decided to bring Starry to see the Fajar Sensei after our hair cut @ West Coast Plaza. Finally had our hair trimmed. Starry looking shuai shuai now. =)

The Fajar Sensei was popular among the cheerleaders as his treatment was effective for most cheerleading related injuries and the most important thing was that he gave special rate for cheerleaders.

For treatment, there were a total of 4 needles on Starry's right knee and 3 little containers were placed on his left knee to removed the blood clot. A lot of blood were being drained out from his left knee. It was quite scary though. Luckily Starry never see the blood that was drained out from his left knee, if not he would surely faint. =P Haha... Starry felt much better after the treatment. His knee was not as tight. Beside the treatment, Starry also bought a supplement from the sensei to strengthen the cartilage that hold the knee together. Wish Starry a speedy recovery! =) 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Solemnisation & Wedding Dinner Venue Settled - Orchard Hotel

Starry's parent went to the wedding fair @ Vivocity with us in the late afternoon. Yeah! Just in time for the bridal show when we reached. The wedding gowns were all very pretty. We went straight to Orchard Hotel booth after the wedding show ended. Orchard Hotel's ballroom was grand, spacious and have high ceiling. The reviews of their food were good too as the banquet was prepared by Hua Ting Restaurant, a well-known restaurant led by a team of award-winning chefs. With approval from both our parents, we had decided to hold our solemnisation & wedding dinner @ Orchard Hotel on 1st June 2014 (Sunday). Dan was very flexible with the changes to the banquet menu and the addition perks that we requested. We hoped to enjoyed a great service from Orchard Hotel on our Actual Day. Woohoo... Wedding venue settled. Yeah! =)

One of the perks of Orchard Hotel wedding dinner package was the 50% discount of actual day photography package from La Belle Couture. Hence we went back to the La Belle Couture booth after we settled the down payment for Orchard Hotel. We were attended by Candy & Lucas again. We told them that we will be getting the AD photography package and at the same time negotiated a few more poses for the wedding package that we signed up yesterday. We thought that they would not allow us to make any changes to the wedding package purchased yesterday, but they gladly agreed to give us a few more poses. Yeah! Also thanks to Starry's Ma helped in negotiating the poses. I had also requested Candy to be my MUA on my AD. We were overall very pleased with their services. And Starry's Ma had a great time chatting with Candy too. Woohoo... Actual Day Photography and MUA settled. Yeah! =)

We were very happy to have Starry's parent there with us as they would give us valuable advises and also negotiated many good deals for us. Thanks auntie & uncle! Great to have you two around. =) We treated Starry's parent to Soup Restaurant for dinner to thanks them for being with us & guiding us.

After dinner, Starry's parent jio us to a drinking place @ Labrador Park to chill out. We ordered 5 bottles of beer and a dozen sticks of satay. The place was very cosy & windy. A great chill-out place @ night.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wedding Package Settled - La Belle Couture

Our day started with Starcheerelite meeting & cheer training @ JBCC in the afternoon. Training was fun & effective. Been many years since I trained my basic. Soon after the training, we rushed down to Furama Riverfront Hotel to meet Starry's auntie's friend, Don, who was working there as catering sales manager. He brought us to see the ballrooms and shared with us their wedding packages. After viewing their ballroom, we were a little concern with the height of the ballroom as it seemed low to us. Don told us that the height was 5.6 m. We decided to give this hotel a missed as the ceiling was a little too low.

Furama Riverfront Hotel

After viewing Furama Riverfront Hotel, we went to Viviocity as there was a wedding planner exhibition. We had a healthy & yummy dinner @ Soup Spoon before heading down to the wedding fair. 

The wedding fair was fully packed with people. Before we even step into the fair, we were approached by a sales person from La Belle Couture and he guided us to their booth. We were attended by Candy & Lucas. They were very friendly and fun as they shared with us their wedding portfolio and wedding package. There were also very patient in answering all our questions. Their wedding package was very comprehensive and flexible to changes. Without realizing, we were at the La Belle Couture booth for about an hour and the fair was going to end for the day. Initially our plan was to visit the Orchard Hotel booth first before we looked out for a wedding package. We told Candy & Lucas about it and Lucas brought us to the Orchard Hotel booth as he was worried that we would be snatched by their competitors. 

At the Orchard Hotel Booth, we got most of our questions answered by Dan. As Starry did not bring the credit card he wanted to use, we would be back to the wedding fair tomorrow to settle the down payment. Dan brought us back to La Belle Couture booth as we told them that we would be back after visiting Orchard Hotel booth. Initially our plan was just to look around and compared the different wedding packages. However as we were very impressed with their services (which matter to me as I'm quite fussy), and also the good reviews that we read online, we decided to sign up for their wedding package - $3888 which was within our budget. Woohoo... We had settled our wedding package. Yeah! =)  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Orchard Hotel Viewing

Today we went down to Orchard Hotel to view their ballroom and listen to their wedding package. Orchard Hotel is a pretty old hotel, which we later learnt it to be over 30 yrs old. As we drive into the basement carpark, it does looks pretty old, but still very full, meaning alot of guest are still frequenting the hotel. We went up to the lobby and met Dan, the in charge for bringing us around and explaining to us.

We have come to Orchard Hotel several times before actually for wedding and performances. However this time the ballroom area looks a little different, which we understand later was due to the newly completed renovation to it. We also found out that Orchard Hotel ballroom can fit up to a max of 106 tables! Its a pity that we do not have that many guest in the end. Dan was a very pleasant guy and explained to us very patiently about the place and the package.

The main attraction of Orchard Hotel is it's renowned award winning chinese restaurant Hua Ting. Food will be a major consideration for us because our guest will definitely be looking out for that. Overall the visit was very positive and we will definitely be giving it a good thought and also to pay a visit to their road show at Vivo City which offers even more perks if we sign up then. Before we left Dan also passed us a complimentary parking which we felt was a very nice gesture from him on behalf of Orchard Hotel. I believe we will be making our decision real soon.

Orchard Hotel Grand Ballroom

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Double Down Max"

Starry loves "Double Down Max" from KFC. Hence when it was launched yesterday, I decided to buy for him. Like a happy little boy when he saw the "Double Down Max". Haha... 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy 49th Birthday to my PaPa

PaPa 49 lo. And still look very young. =D We got the "Stay Young" gene in our family. Woohoo... Forever looking young! Yeah! Haha...

Thank you PaPa for everything he has done for our family and also his unconditional love and concern.   

I wish my PaPa long life, good health, happiness & success in his business. Cheers! =D

Monday, April 8, 2013

Great Gym Gym & Stunting Day

Starry had jio a few of the alpha bases to gym in the evening. I joined them to do 5 by 5 full squats and deadweight lift. I realized that my jump was more powerful after i did the full squats. Yeah! We even managed to hit our full up cupie after a few tries. We were very happy as we were able to unlock a few of the partner stunts eg. toss left cupie pop down toss right cupie, XW tick-tock set and especially our full up cupie, which we had not done for very long. I believed that we will be hitting our rewind soon. Jia you Starry! Cheers! =)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sweet Sunday

Our plan on Sunday was to go to three of our shortlisted hotels to check out their ballrooms. Our first stop was Intercontinental hotel @ Bugis. There was a wedding lunch in progress when we were there. The ballroom was spacious & grand, and most importantly the ceiling was quite high too which was an important factor for us. Location wise was accessible. Good first impression.

Intercontinental Hotel Ballroom

After viewing the ballroom, we went to Ah Chew dessert shop for dessert. I ordered my all time favourite - steamed milk with egg white while Starry ordered durian & mango pomelo. Love the dessert. =)

The next hotel that we went to was Swissotel Merchant Court @ Clark Quay. The ballroom have a high ceiling as well. Location wise was also accessible. Good first impression too. 

Swissotel Merchant Court Ballroom

The last hotel that we went to was Novotel located @ Clark Quay too. It was less accessible as compared to Swissotel Merchant Court. The ballroom ceiling was not very high too. Hence we decided to strike off Novotel from our list.

Novotel Ballroom

As we were walking along Clark Quay, we past by Peony Jade restaurant. We went to take a look at the restaurant as we were considering to hold our solemnization there. The private room can only hold a maximum of two tables. Location wise was quite accessible. Will take a look at a few more places before we confirmed the venue for our solemnization & wedding dinner.

Peony Jade @ Clark Quay

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Road to a Fit Fit Starry

Starry has started on his journey to become a fit fit starry. Woohoo...

For a start, he bought 2 big bottles of protein and a bottle for recovery after training. He went to Clementi gym with Gary on a Saturday morning. Starry was very determined this time round. His determination inspired me to gym together with him. Let's Jia You to a fit fit us. Yeah! =D

Friday, April 5, 2013

Woohoo 89th Month

Happy 89th! I love Starry! =)

We did not celebrate our 89th monthsary as we had to attend Alpha Verve AGM 2013. A new exco was formed with Perle as Captain, Chzehao as Vice-Captain, Chunyang as Team Manager, Cheryl as Finance Secretary and Zhanqing as Welfare & Logistic in-charge. Looking forward to work together with the new exco to bring Alpha Verve to a greater heights. Cheers!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Celebrating Xinghui's 26th Birthday

Celebrated Starry's bro 26th birthday 2 days in advance @ Starry house. Starry's Ma bought a lovely fruity cake from Fruit Paradise. We enjoyed the fruity cake, red wine and especially the family chit-chat session. Cheers! =)