Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sweet Sunday

Our plan on Sunday was to go to three of our shortlisted hotels to check out their ballrooms. Our first stop was Intercontinental hotel @ Bugis. There was a wedding lunch in progress when we were there. The ballroom was spacious & grand, and most importantly the ceiling was quite high too which was an important factor for us. Location wise was accessible. Good first impression.

Intercontinental Hotel Ballroom

After viewing the ballroom, we went to Ah Chew dessert shop for dessert. I ordered my all time favourite - steamed milk with egg white while Starry ordered durian & mango pomelo. Love the dessert. =)

The next hotel that we went to was Swissotel Merchant Court @ Clark Quay. The ballroom have a high ceiling as well. Location wise was also accessible. Good first impression too. 

Swissotel Merchant Court Ballroom

The last hotel that we went to was Novotel located @ Clark Quay too. It was less accessible as compared to Swissotel Merchant Court. The ballroom ceiling was not very high too. Hence we decided to strike off Novotel from our list.

Novotel Ballroom

As we were walking along Clark Quay, we past by Peony Jade restaurant. We went to take a look at the restaurant as we were considering to hold our solemnization there. The private room can only hold a maximum of two tables. Location wise was quite accessible. Will take a look at a few more places before we confirmed the venue for our solemnization & wedding dinner.

Peony Jade @ Clark Quay

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