Thursday, April 11, 2013

Orchard Hotel Viewing

Today we went down to Orchard Hotel to view their ballroom and listen to their wedding package. Orchard Hotel is a pretty old hotel, which we later learnt it to be over 30 yrs old. As we drive into the basement carpark, it does looks pretty old, but still very full, meaning alot of guest are still frequenting the hotel. We went up to the lobby and met Dan, the in charge for bringing us around and explaining to us.

We have come to Orchard Hotel several times before actually for wedding and performances. However this time the ballroom area looks a little different, which we understand later was due to the newly completed renovation to it. We also found out that Orchard Hotel ballroom can fit up to a max of 106 tables! Its a pity that we do not have that many guest in the end. Dan was a very pleasant guy and explained to us very patiently about the place and the package.

The main attraction of Orchard Hotel is it's renowned award winning chinese restaurant Hua Ting. Food will be a major consideration for us because our guest will definitely be looking out for that. Overall the visit was very positive and we will definitely be giving it a good thought and also to pay a visit to their road show at Vivo City which offers even more perks if we sign up then. Before we left Dan also passed us a complimentary parking which we felt was a very nice gesture from him on behalf of Orchard Hotel. I believe we will be making our decision real soon.

Orchard Hotel Grand Ballroom

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