Sunday, April 14, 2013

Solemnisation & Wedding Dinner Venue Settled - Orchard Hotel

Starry's parent went to the wedding fair @ Vivocity with us in the late afternoon. Yeah! Just in time for the bridal show when we reached. The wedding gowns were all very pretty. We went straight to Orchard Hotel booth after the wedding show ended. Orchard Hotel's ballroom was grand, spacious and have high ceiling. The reviews of their food were good too as the banquet was prepared by Hua Ting Restaurant, a well-known restaurant led by a team of award-winning chefs. With approval from both our parents, we had decided to hold our solemnisation & wedding dinner @ Orchard Hotel on 1st June 2014 (Sunday). Dan was very flexible with the changes to the banquet menu and the addition perks that we requested. We hoped to enjoyed a great service from Orchard Hotel on our Actual Day. Woohoo... Wedding venue settled. Yeah! =)

One of the perks of Orchard Hotel wedding dinner package was the 50% discount of actual day photography package from La Belle Couture. Hence we went back to the La Belle Couture booth after we settled the down payment for Orchard Hotel. We were attended by Candy & Lucas again. We told them that we will be getting the AD photography package and at the same time negotiated a few more poses for the wedding package that we signed up yesterday. We thought that they would not allow us to make any changes to the wedding package purchased yesterday, but they gladly agreed to give us a few more poses. Yeah! Also thanks to Starry's Ma helped in negotiating the poses. I had also requested Candy to be my MUA on my AD. We were overall very pleased with their services. And Starry's Ma had a great time chatting with Candy too. Woohoo... Actual Day Photography and MUA settled. Yeah! =)

We were very happy to have Starry's parent there with us as they would give us valuable advises and also negotiated many good deals for us. Thanks auntie & uncle! Great to have you two around. =) We treated Starry's parent to Soup Restaurant for dinner to thanks them for being with us & guiding us.

After dinner, Starry's parent jio us to a drinking place @ Labrador Park to chill out. We ordered 5 bottles of beer and a dozen sticks of satay. The place was very cosy & windy. A great chill-out place @ night.

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  1. Curious, how would you review Orchard Hotel? Am considering it for a wedding.