Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Progress

January had passes and I now weigh 74.3kg. Yes it was only less than 1 kg of gain from last month. Probably I was so used to eating less that I do not have the appetite to eat more, but I shall not give up and continue to work hard. At the beginning of my weight loss phase was also slow. Gaining weight was indeed as hard as losing weight; you need the mental discipline to force yourself to eat over your daily caloric expenditure.

I started going to the gym again, at least once a week for now as this period I am super busy with NTU IHCC with Vikings. I am afraid that I will gain but too much fats once I start bulking hence I also continued to run a little. I started to eat more, but cleanly. For a chicken skin lover, having to remove the skin when I eat chicken chop was really painful. I ate alot of clean breast meat this whole month.

Don't really like this angle, but that's the angle my idol used so gotta follow

8 months done, let's go for the final month now.

Definitely a big difference coming such a long way

To help me achieve my goals of bulking up now, putting on more lean muscles, I did some research and read about how people gain weight. I searched on how to gain 10kg of muscles in 2 months, as I believed that if I can lose over 10 kg in 2 months, I for sure am able to gain more than 10 kg in 2 months too. The research I done recommended me to take in 500 calories more than my daily requirement in order to gain mass. Of course this has to come with hard gymming too.

As said earlier, I still run because I am afraid of gaining too much fats while bulking, but in the end I only gain less than 1 kg. Therefore for the next month, I am going to cut down on all cardio and just focus purely on strength training. I will also just eat whatever I want now (excuse for not removing my chicken skin). I guess eating too clean is really very hard to put in the sufficient calories into your body without feeling like exploding. I am now also starting to take protein shake and creatine to help boost my training and muscle recovery. Hopefully with all these, I will be able to gain at least 5 kg in the next month. I will also continue my regular sun tanning as it really helps with my skin tone.