Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cutie Cutie Cutie

Starry bought 2 fantastic birthday presents for me today, a Sony latest ultrabook convertible - Vaio Duo 13, and a pink Sony earphone (so pretty).

I have decided to name my Vaio Duo 13 -> "Cutie", and my pinky earphone -> "Cutie Ear", as I found them really cute. 

Love it! =)

Thank you my dear Starry!

In the same shop, Sony Store @ Jem, Jian bought me a pink Sony wireless mini speaker which i named it "Cutie Ball". Love the present too. Thanks Bros.

I love techie presents. Woohoo!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Crabby Birthday Treat for Starry

Jian treated Starry and me to a meal @ Seafood Paradise. It was a long awaited birthday treat for Starry ever since his birthday in November last year. As Starry had been craving for crabby, Jian and I decided to bring him for a Crabby Feast. We ordered two different types of crabby dishes: Chilli Crab & Salted Egg Crab. We had also ordered some other delicious dishes such as prawn hor fun, oyster omelette and a plate of veggie. A very sumptuous meal indeed. Thanks Jian for the yummy treat. Cheers! =)

After the savory meal @ seafood paradise, we went for a mahjong session with Ken @ my place. It was a fun and fulfilling day with my day started with a morning tuition, followed by NUS AV exchange with RP Rexaz and Aces 10th year anniversary celebration. 

I love my life! Looking forward to an exciting future. Cheers! =)

Monday, July 1, 2013

June Progress

So it is 1 month into my journey to attain my 6 pacs. I did not try to do things much differently except for controlling my diet. I had been having mainly soup based meals and cut down a lot on snacks. Below is how I look at July.

Well this is how I look in 1 month. I think the tummy did shrink a little. 

I met a guy called Lionel in Clementi Gym yesterday. He used to weigh over 100kg at his peak, but now he cut to about 80kg and is looking very good. I asked him for tips on losing weight and he told me 1 thing, strictly no soft drinks, coffee with sugar, and not even those refreshing sweets. I am going to try that out for my next month. I also learnt from him that to prevent losing muscles from cutting, take about double your weight in grams the amount of protein daily.Wow! Shall pile on the protein now.

Ok a side by side comparison of June and July.

I think got some improvements right?

Jiayou Xingwei. 6 pacs soon.