Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Progress & the finale weigh in and result

9 months had passed since the day I made up my mind to get in shape and have a better body. 9 months was long, but yet short at the same time. Nonetheless it's been a really fulfilling journey, one where I get to know myself better, one where I test my determination once again at a ripe age of 32. I guess you can say I am relieved that this is over and yet at the same time looking forward to build on my success now. I still believed that there is more inside of me that I had not given yet. When I see through the pictures that I had took, a tear almost dropped from my eye. Alright I think I am really at a loss of words now and emotions running high now; let's just say no more and look at the pictures.

Finally! The final product of my 9 months of hardwork. Still lot's to be improved though.

All 10 photos put into a collage just like the way my idol did it.

My idol. Though I still do not know who he is, but his photos are truely my inspiration.

Our collages put together to compare. I think I did a great job imitating his poses right?

Our final poses side by side. Got the same "seh" right? lol. Hopefully my body can pass like his.

Alright, let's recap how the fatty me looked like 9 months ago (almost vomitted. haha)

Side by side look at myself before and after. I lost 17lbs.

Yup I guess this is it, the end of the story. Looking at this final before, after picture really brought tears to my eyes. I had never look so good since like 10 years ago. On a side note, I completely forgot to talk about my result for the final month. In the last month I actually managed to gain about 6 kg. A round of applause to myself. I set out to gain about 5 kg and I did it. Out of this 6 kg, about 4 kg are pure muscle mass as calculated by my weighing scale. 

Alright, this is actually not the end, but the start of a new journey for myself. Now is the time to build on it and achieve even better results. I will continue to post some of my pictures and stories here along the way. Do look out for them if you are interested. I love myself. Huat ah~!~!