Sunday, November 28, 2010

MMI 2010

Attended MMI with Dearie, her brother, XiangJin and Lawrence. It was a great 3 day weekend for me and I got to refreshed many concepts. It was also very beneficial for Dearie, her brother, XiangJin and Lawrence. Got to spend time interacting with each other and learn more about each other as well. Can't wait for our next education.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy 28th Birthday to Pui Pui

Pui Pui loves French Cuisine!

Celebrated Pui Pui 28th birthday at The French Kitchen @ Central Mall. I also bought Pui Pui his birthday present ("I am king" perfume by Sean John) and also a surprise mini birthday cake that I had requested the chef to bake. I had duck confitt and Pui Pui had steak. We also shared escargot and foire gas (our favorites). French cuisine is as usual very exquisite, every thing tasted so delicious.

Hope pui pui had a wonderful 28th birthday celebration with Dearie.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Pui Pui & Pui's Ma

Pui's Ma and Pui Pui's birthday is just 4 days apart, Pui's Ma on the 12th Nov and Pui Pui's on the 16th Nov. So we chose 14th Nov to celebrate for both. Pui Pui's whole family and I went to JP for dinner at Pu Tien first and then caught a movie (Red by Bruce Willis). We end off the day with ice-cream birthday cake celebration at Hagen Daz. We had such an enjoyable day.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jolly 5th Year - Camping at ECP

Had our 5th year celebration and tried camping at East Coast Park for the first time. It started with us trying to find a good location to set up our tent. For location wise, we decide to choose a place near to the food centre where we planned to be buying our dinner for the 1st night. As we were choosing our spot, it started to rain slightly and as we decided to settle down beside this nice tree. We are very fortunate to meet a very nice man, he was a S league player for Home United, and he helped us to pitch our tent. He can tell that we are first timers, partly cos our tent were still in its original unopenned state.

After our tent was set up, we went to get our dinner. We bought lots of food back into our tent to feast. We had tiger prawns, salty duck soup, sting ray, kang kong, oyster omelette. Then after the feast, we enjoyed a movie in our tent. We brought along this inflatable air bed and it was very comfortable, a must for camping I would say. Our tent was also very spacious; we got ourselves a 6 men tent for just the 2 of us. haha. Some tips for first time campers - get proper working lights that does not blow out, and get portable fans as well if you cannot stand heat.

After a good nights rest in the tent, we woke up and did some exercise along the beach. We brought along this "hoot hoot", something like a ball in a racket, and played. It was really fun. Then after that, we had our lunch, which we order take away from pizza hut. We laid our mats out just beside our tent and enjoy the food. After eating lunch, we had a little pinic, where we played some card games while snacking on all the tibits. After a while, we decided to have forfeit for loser of each game, and our forfeit ranging from doing back tucks to toss cupies. It turned out that I lost most of the time and ended up doing lots of stunts and was completely drained out after that. haha. It was really fun though.

After all the games, forfeits, food and picnic, the sun was starting to set and we packed up our tent and made our way back. All in all camping at East Coast Park was super fun!