Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Progress

It's been 6 months now. Last month I said I was in the best shape of my life, and this month again I improved on that. Let's hope I create new "best shape" every single month and keep improving on my body. I had my photo shoot last month and was very happy with the pictures I took. My first goal of looking slimmer for my photoshoot had been achieved.

My weight is now about 74kg plus, close to 75kg. I have to admit that in the month of November right after my photoshoot, I had been giving myself some slack. I was like a reward to myself for having achieved good results. Together with other celebrations such as my birthday, November became sort of like a "cheat month". Yes end of the day I still did managed to shave off 500g for my weigh in, but overall fitness goals were not met. I did not run 2.4 in 12 mins nor did I managed 26 pull ups. Yes I was dissapointed but I guess the break was required for me to recharge mentally.

6 pacs becoming more obvious

From the 1st month to now.

Time to build back those muscles.

Alright November was a "cheat month" hence I shall try to make up for it in December. I shall not set fitness goals such as 2.4 timing or number of pull ups first. I do not want to stress myself out. I will also reduce running so that I can focus on (clean) bulking up again. Let's hope I can make more improvements in December despite it being a festive month too. Jiayou.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Starry's 31st Birthday =)

Happy Birthday my dear Starry! Woohoohoo =)

31 lo! Getting fitter as you aged... Six pacs popping out lo... Jiayou! =)

Happy 31st Smarty Starry! =)

Bought a sunflower for Starry =)

Starry looking confident on elevator =)

Starry is so happy being a flyer =)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Starry's Mama Birthday Celebration 2013

We celebrated Starry's Mama birthday @ De'Beer Seafood Restaurant at D'Kranji Farm Resort at Neo Tiew Lane 2 as she loves the Lala Beehoon there. We ordered several other dishes other than Lala Beehoon. The Lala Beehoon was good as usual but not the crabby. The crabs were malnutrition and hence making the whole dining experience not as satisfying. To salvage the unpleasant dining experience, the manager gave us a discount on the crab. Well, it sort of make us feel a little better. 

Happy Birthday to Starry's Mama! =)

Starry looks so small in the photo =)

Bought a small truffle cake for Starry's Mama

Starry's Mama once told me that her greatest achievement in life is having Starry & Xinghui. A lovely present from her two sons! =)

Starry's Mama & her new ipad air =)

Chilling at the bar after dinner

Selfie after dinner =)


Starry's Mama Birthday Dinner

Friday, November 1, 2013

October Progress

5 months had passed and I am really grateful to be in the "best shape"(fitness can still be improved though) of my life since I was born. Even though I used to weigh in lighter and with less %fats in the past, but now I can see distinctly better muscles shape and definition. This should be the effect of bulking and building up muscles to weighing over 90kg and then now cutting. I am really glad to make it this far just in time for my wedding photo shoot in 5 days time.

Today I weigh in at just over 75kg, dropping about 2 more kg from 77kg last month. I can roughly begin to see my abs line forming. For the past month, I continued with running, except this time I started running shorter distances of 2.4km, hoping to build up fitness for running and also sprinting. I was told that sprinting does provide much more afterburn effect then just slow jogging. My current 2.4 timing is at about 13mins; 1 min off the target I set for myself at the beginning of the month. However I have to say that it is considered a good improvement from over 15mins to below 13 mins. I also started doing more pull ups this month after I bought myself a pull up bar. Some pictures below.

6 pacs starting to form

Comparing progress since day 1.

Can really begin to see the significant difference from day 1

Ok for the month of November, I will continue to work hard to up my fitness and get to run my 2.4 in below 12 mins. I will also aim to do 26 pull ups by the end of November. I think now I have officially end my weight loss phase and time to start on my lean muscle building phase; time to hit the gym more. On a side note, I still did not get a chance to play soccer =(

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy 95!

Celebrated our 95th month anniversary @ Vivocity Soup Spoon.
We love soupy meal. Healthy and yummy! Yeah! =)
Had an awesome dinner with my Starry! Cheers!

Chilling out at our favourite hangout, Starbucks! =)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Progress

4 whole months had passed now and I am starting to feel very good about this whole journey. No doubt I hoped my progress can be even faster, but I guess I should be content and grateful for what I had achieve so far. Many are already beginning to see the changes and congratulating me, however some are saying that I am doing it too abruptly and will be bad for my body. I chose to ignore the latter as they are the sour grapes, the ones without the will power to do what I did and will always say you should not as well. Listen to your whole body and voice, don't let anyone tell you that you cannot do it or should not do it.

My weigh in weight was 80kg last month, which was already a record low for me in recent years. So how did I continue to improve on that and how did I shock my body to lose more? Let's do a quick recap first-

First month, I only control my intake of food.

Second month, I continued to control intake of food plus I started to control the intake of sugar.

Third month, I continued with the diet of previous 2 months plus I started doing some exercises such as bicep curls, push ups and sit ups.

So what was the secret I did for my fourth month? haha. No big secret la actually, while continuing with the secret for the first 3 months, I also started to run. I started slow with about 2km, then 3km, then 4km and then 5km. As of last week, I was running an average of 2 or 3 times (of 5km) per week. I really enjoy to start running again now that I had lost some weight. When I used to run at 90kg it was a terrible feeling; every step felt like lead. Now running (with my headphones and music one), I use the time running to think, it is my alone time and I get to ponder about many things in my life. Oh ya, I also did swim once a week every Saturdays or Sundays, though not alot of laps, but I think it is still considered a good start. Now as usual, time for some photos of my progress.

I think can start to see a bit of shape coming out. =)

Last month and this month.

A bit harder to compare as the pose are different

Now from the beginning altogether.

When you put all the photos together, you really get to see the progress so far. 

Alright so for next month, the goal is the same, continue to lose fats and trim the unwanted "skin". I really hope someone can jio me to go play some soccer as soccer really does help burn alot of calories; it is high cardio and also high intensity if you play hard. Jio me if you reading this ok; I already got my boots and a ball. Well in case I do not get to play soccer as much, I will also aim to run, not just jogging at a relax pace, but more to push and run with a specific timing to achieve. I shall aim to run my 2.4km in under 12 mins. Let's see where all these will take us. Jiayou Xingwei.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our Delightful Sunday Nightout

Starry brought me to Holland Village for dinner today.

We had our dinner at Yee Cheong Yuen Noodle Restaurant. However it was not as satisfying as it used to be. The noodle served was not warm enough. Even though I requested for it to be warmer, it was still not warm enough for my liking. We have decided not to patron the restaurant again.

After dinner, we chill out at our favorite hangout place, Starbucks. We had an awesome time reading our newly bought renovation magazine, discussing about renovating Starry's room and enjoying our favorite matcha frappuccino.   

Overall, we have an enjoyable time spent @ Holland Village today. 

I love chilling out with Starry! Yeah! =) 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yummy LaLa Bee Hoon

Starry's Mama was craving for LaLa Bee Hoon for dinner. I immediately thought of this ulu place where we celebrated my Ah Ma's Birthday this year that have really delicious LaLa Bee Hoon. I could not remember the exact location, but luckily Starry's Mama knew the place that I was describing. The ulu place was De'Beer Seafood Restaurant at D'Kranji Farm Resort at Neo Tiew Lane 2.

After the meal, we all agreed that it was one of the best LaLa Bee Hoon we ever had. We love the countryside ambiance there too. A great place to chill out. We will definitely patron the restaurant again for their LaLa Bee Hoon. Yeah!

Thumbs up for De'Beer Signature LaLa Bee Hoon

Starry's Mama buying a bag full of organic vegetable

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Lovely Teacher's Day Gift

Giving tuition can be tough when a student is unmotivated. I am lucky that all my students are those that are striving for improvement and success in their results hence making my tuition experiences more meaningful and fulfilling. 

I was surprised to receive a teacher's day gift from Charmaine. She was one of my sec 1 student who has shown great improvement in her math result. I started tutoring her about 2 months ago after she failed her math SA1. She had an improvement of 47% for her math CA2 and was ranked top 3 in class. I was very proud of her. She has grew from a girl who is not confident and disliked math to a confident girl who love doing math. Yeah!

I love being a tutor as it give me a great sense of satisfaction when I see my students improve and gain the confident in the subject that they once feared and were weak in. I wish to be able to make a difference in as many students as I can. Cheers to my life as a dedicated tutor! =)

Lovely gift from Charmaine =)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Tall & Cute Little Bro

Jian decided to wear the blue shirt and skinny jeans that we have bought from Natural Project for his D&D. He looks really awesome in it especially with his hair properly styled. Transformation from a cute boy to a charming man. Haha...

Jian getting ready for his D&D

Monday, September 2, 2013

August Progress

The 3rd month had passed since I started. It had been incredible so far and really showed me again what I am capable of achieving. So what different did I do for the past 1 month? Basically other than controlling my diet, I started to do more exercises. I began to reach a plateu with controlling my diet as my weight had already dropped about 10kg from 93kg to 83kg after my 1st 2 months, hence I started to include in exercises, mainly just bicep curls, push ups and sit ups usually before I sleep.

 Let's put together 1 month ago and now.

In summary of the past 3 months.

I think my weight has more or less stabilized and size also at a all time low in recent times. It is time to start sculpting it. So for September I am going to maintain the same diet intake and increase the intensity of my workouts. I will probably throw in some jogging and swimming into the exercises. Time to really squeeze those abs out.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

D&D Shopping

Jian has asked me to helped him sourced for his nautical themed attire for his D&D which will be held at Holiday Inn Hotel next Saturday. I have asked Starry along to shop with us @ Vivocity.

Our first stop was to filled our groaning stomach with some healthy food. We have decided to drink soupy @ Soup Spoon since Jian never eat there before. Thanks Starry for the yummy soupy treats! =)

Thumbs up for our yummy soupy! =)

We started our D&D shopping soon after our meal. The first shop we entered was Natural Project, a local store selling fashionable men's wear. I spotted quite a few nautical themed shirts and skinny jeans for Jian's to try. After trying out a couple of shirts and jeans, we have decided to buy a blue collar, 3/4 sleeved shirt and a pair of skinny jeans that fitted Jian very well. He looked awesome in it. Yeah! We had settled everything in a shop. However, Jian was not sure if he was going to wear that for his D&D so we went around shopping again. However, we did not managed to find any other suitable attire for his D&D. But as we shopped, we went to take free chiropractic spinal test which got Starry very excited and interested. Starry is planning to see a chiropractor to treat his lower back pain caused by long hours of sitting. 

Before we went home for dinner, Jian treated us dessert @ Honeymoon dessert. The dessert was yummy but expensive. Thanks Jian for the sweet dessert treats! =)

Our cheat Sunday! =(

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Great Cycling Day @ ECP

Starry, Ken, Shermeeny, Ah Sheng and I went to ECP to cycle on a sunny sunday. We cycled for 3 hours from the start of ECP to Changi park then back to ECP again, approximately 25 km. Our leg muscles were burning very intensely after the cycle. It was indeed a great workout for all of us. While we cycled, we took lots of fun photos too. Look @ our hot bods in progress... All our 6 packs abs appearing soon. Yeah!

After cycling, we went to support Jia Hui's Cheesecup Pop-up Store (Jara Petit) @ 15 Bussorah Street. 

The cheesecups are very pretty, cute and tasty. There are 6 different types of flavors: Classics, Durian, Matcha, Cookies and cream, Blueberry and Lemon, and my favorites are Matcha, Durian and Cookie and cream. They are so yummy. I will definitely recommend these lovely cheesecups to my friends.