Sunday, September 1, 2013

D&D Shopping

Jian has asked me to helped him sourced for his nautical themed attire for his D&D which will be held at Holiday Inn Hotel next Saturday. I have asked Starry along to shop with us @ Vivocity.

Our first stop was to filled our groaning stomach with some healthy food. We have decided to drink soupy @ Soup Spoon since Jian never eat there before. Thanks Starry for the yummy soupy treats! =)

Thumbs up for our yummy soupy! =)

We started our D&D shopping soon after our meal. The first shop we entered was Natural Project, a local store selling fashionable men's wear. I spotted quite a few nautical themed shirts and skinny jeans for Jian's to try. After trying out a couple of shirts and jeans, we have decided to buy a blue collar, 3/4 sleeved shirt and a pair of skinny jeans that fitted Jian very well. He looked awesome in it. Yeah! We had settled everything in a shop. However, Jian was not sure if he was going to wear that for his D&D so we went around shopping again. However, we did not managed to find any other suitable attire for his D&D. But as we shopped, we went to take free chiropractic spinal test which got Starry very excited and interested. Starry is planning to see a chiropractor to treat his lower back pain caused by long hours of sitting. 

Before we went home for dinner, Jian treated us dessert @ Honeymoon dessert. The dessert was yummy but expensive. Thanks Jian for the sweet dessert treats! =)

Our cheat Sunday! =(

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