Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Lovely Teacher's Day Gift

Giving tuition can be tough when a student is unmotivated. I am lucky that all my students are those that are striving for improvement and success in their results hence making my tuition experiences more meaningful and fulfilling. 

I was surprised to receive a teacher's day gift from Charmaine. She was one of my sec 1 student who has shown great improvement in her math result. I started tutoring her about 2 months ago after she failed her math SA1. She had an improvement of 47% for her math CA2 and was ranked top 3 in class. I was very proud of her. She has grew from a girl who is not confident and disliked math to a confident girl who love doing math. Yeah!

I love being a tutor as it give me a great sense of satisfaction when I see my students improve and gain the confident in the subject that they once feared and were weak in. I wish to be able to make a difference in as many students as I can. Cheers to my life as a dedicated tutor! =)

Lovely gift from Charmaine =)

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