Monday, September 2, 2013

August Progress

The 3rd month had passed since I started. It had been incredible so far and really showed me again what I am capable of achieving. So what different did I do for the past 1 month? Basically other than controlling my diet, I started to do more exercises. I began to reach a plateu with controlling my diet as my weight had already dropped about 10kg from 93kg to 83kg after my 1st 2 months, hence I started to include in exercises, mainly just bicep curls, push ups and sit ups usually before I sleep.

 Let's put together 1 month ago and now.

In summary of the past 3 months.

I think my weight has more or less stabilized and size also at a all time low in recent times. It is time to start sculpting it. So for September I am going to maintain the same diet intake and increase the intensity of my workouts. I will probably throw in some jogging and swimming into the exercises. Time to really squeeze those abs out.

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