Saturday, November 16, 2013

Starry's 31st Birthday =)

Happy Birthday my dear Starry! Woohoohoo =)

31 lo! Getting fitter as you aged... Six pacs popping out lo... Jiayou! =)

Happy 31st Smarty Starry! =)

Bought a sunflower for Starry =)

Starry looking confident on elevator =)

Starry is so happy being a flyer =)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Starry's Mama Birthday Celebration 2013

We celebrated Starry's Mama birthday @ De'Beer Seafood Restaurant at D'Kranji Farm Resort at Neo Tiew Lane 2 as she loves the Lala Beehoon there. We ordered several other dishes other than Lala Beehoon. The Lala Beehoon was good as usual but not the crabby. The crabs were malnutrition and hence making the whole dining experience not as satisfying. To salvage the unpleasant dining experience, the manager gave us a discount on the crab. Well, it sort of make us feel a little better. 

Happy Birthday to Starry's Mama! =)

Starry looks so small in the photo =)

Bought a small truffle cake for Starry's Mama

Starry's Mama once told me that her greatest achievement in life is having Starry & Xinghui. A lovely present from her two sons! =)

Starry's Mama & her new ipad air =)

Chilling at the bar after dinner

Selfie after dinner =)


Starry's Mama Birthday Dinner

Friday, November 1, 2013

October Progress

5 months had passed and I am really grateful to be in the "best shape"(fitness can still be improved though) of my life since I was born. Even though I used to weigh in lighter and with less %fats in the past, but now I can see distinctly better muscles shape and definition. This should be the effect of bulking and building up muscles to weighing over 90kg and then now cutting. I am really glad to make it this far just in time for my wedding photo shoot in 5 days time.

Today I weigh in at just over 75kg, dropping about 2 more kg from 77kg last month. I can roughly begin to see my abs line forming. For the past month, I continued with running, except this time I started running shorter distances of 2.4km, hoping to build up fitness for running and also sprinting. I was told that sprinting does provide much more afterburn effect then just slow jogging. My current 2.4 timing is at about 13mins; 1 min off the target I set for myself at the beginning of the month. However I have to say that it is considered a good improvement from over 15mins to below 13 mins. I also started doing more pull ups this month after I bought myself a pull up bar. Some pictures below.

6 pacs starting to form

Comparing progress since day 1.

Can really begin to see the significant difference from day 1

Ok for the month of November, I will continue to work hard to up my fitness and get to run my 2.4 in below 12 mins. I will also aim to do 26 pull ups by the end of November. I think now I have officially end my weight loss phase and time to start on my lean muscle building phase; time to hit the gym more. On a side note, I still did not get a chance to play soccer =(