Sunday, March 31, 2013

Starcheerelite Stunting Day

The turnout of this event was good. There were over 50 cheerleaders from NTU, NUS, SMU & Ngnee Ann Poly. We were very happy to see all these cheerleaders who shared the same passion in cheerleading as us coming together to train. We hope to spread the love of cheerleading to more people and welcome all cheerleaders or cheerleader wanna-be to join us for training. Cheers! =)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Celebrating PaPa's 49th Birthday @ USS

My bros, Starry & I brought my PaPa & MaMa to Universal Studio Singapore to celebrate PaPa's 49th Birthday. It was their first time to USS, hence filled with anticipation and excitement. As it was a Good Friday, USS was exceptionally crowded. After queuing with my bros for one roller coaster ride (approximately 45mins), we decided not to take anymore rides. Luckily PaPa & MaMa were not interested in taking rides. After watching some shows, we went for lunch @ Malaysian Food Street located just next to USS. Starry treated us delicious chicken rice which came with small and round rice balls. We also ordered many other food too. We had a very filling lunch. We were very happy to know that PaPa & MaMa enjoyed their lunch. 

After lunch, we went on to watch some more shows. PaPa & MaMa liked most of the shows that they watched especially the "Shrek 4D", "Waterworld" & "Lights, Camera, Actions" by Steven Spielberg. After watching all the shows, we decided to bring PaPa & MaMa for a not so scary ride @ The Lost World - Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. However, after queuing for approximately 30 mins, the ride was suspended due to weather change. We were very disappointed. As many of us had been queuing for very long, USS staff gave us a express pass to the Transformer ride. Woohoo... We wanted to take the Transfomer ride but the queue was either too long or the ride was closed for maintenance. It was a blessing in disguise. We love the Tranformer ride. Yeah! =)  

After a fun-filled day @ USS, PaPa suggested going to Satay by the Bay for dinner. We had quite a hard time finding the place as it was quite ulu. We ordered BBQ seafood & Satay. The satay was good, we would definitely go there to eat satay again. 

Love family outing! Cheers! =)  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

IHG Cheerleading National Competition 2013

Nationals 2013 had finally came to an end. 

We were very proud of Alpha Verve Team Blue and Alpha Vimbz for putting up an ASU routine. And exceptionally happy when Alpha Verve Team Blue was announced First Runner Up. Cheers! =)

Even though Alpha Verve Team Orange did not achieve an ASU routine, we knew that they had already put in their best. Probably just not enough faith. The cheerleading journey will not stop here for most. We know that most of them still have the burning desire to achieve a ASU and a winning title before they graduate. Hold on to the desire & fight hard for the next season. Jia you! =)  
Alpha Verve Big Family, Alumni & Supporters
Alpha Verve Team Blue - First Runner Up

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Alpha Verve 2013 Photo-taking Day

Love the cheer expression of all my Alpha Verve Cheerleaders, especially my Team Blue. If there is a "Best Cheer Expression" award, it will definitely be yours. Yeah! =D

Alpha Verve Big Family
Alpha Verve Team Orange
Alpha Verve Team Blue
Alpha Vimbz