Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December Progress

Each month I am seeing progress for my body. December is again a month of celebration, which makes it hard for me to maintain my diet plan, but I still managed to pull through. Currently I weigh 73.9kg, close to another kg lost since 1st December.

For December I basically stuck to the same routine of dieting, and increase my intensity of body weight workouts such as push ups and sit ups. More definition in my muscles can be seen compared to 1 month ago. I also did regular tanning every Sunday which helps improve on my looks.

Darker skin to compliment

7 months had passed since 1st June.

Felt really happy looking at my improvements over the months

For January, I will start off the New Year by going to the gym more, on a more consistent basis. Time to also start gaining some mass back. I will still need those mass, muscles and strength for stunting. Looking to increase a kg or 2 by February.