Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy 95!

Celebrated our 95th month anniversary @ Vivocity Soup Spoon.
We love soupy meal. Healthy and yummy! Yeah! =)
Had an awesome dinner with my Starry! Cheers!

Chilling out at our favourite hangout, Starbucks! =)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Progress

4 whole months had passed now and I am starting to feel very good about this whole journey. No doubt I hoped my progress can be even faster, but I guess I should be content and grateful for what I had achieve so far. Many are already beginning to see the changes and congratulating me, however some are saying that I am doing it too abruptly and will be bad for my body. I chose to ignore the latter as they are the sour grapes, the ones without the will power to do what I did and will always say you should not as well. Listen to your whole body and voice, don't let anyone tell you that you cannot do it or should not do it.

My weigh in weight was 80kg last month, which was already a record low for me in recent years. So how did I continue to improve on that and how did I shock my body to lose more? Let's do a quick recap first-

First month, I only control my intake of food.

Second month, I continued to control intake of food plus I started to control the intake of sugar.

Third month, I continued with the diet of previous 2 months plus I started doing some exercises such as bicep curls, push ups and sit ups.

So what was the secret I did for my fourth month? haha. No big secret la actually, while continuing with the secret for the first 3 months, I also started to run. I started slow with about 2km, then 3km, then 4km and then 5km. As of last week, I was running an average of 2 or 3 times (of 5km) per week. I really enjoy to start running again now that I had lost some weight. When I used to run at 90kg it was a terrible feeling; every step felt like lead. Now running (with my headphones and music one), I use the time running to think, it is my alone time and I get to ponder about many things in my life. Oh ya, I also did swim once a week every Saturdays or Sundays, though not alot of laps, but I think it is still considered a good start. Now as usual, time for some photos of my progress.

I think can start to see a bit of shape coming out. =)

Last month and this month.

A bit harder to compare as the pose are different

Now from the beginning altogether.

When you put all the photos together, you really get to see the progress so far. 

Alright so for next month, the goal is the same, continue to lose fats and trim the unwanted "skin". I really hope someone can jio me to go play some soccer as soccer really does help burn alot of calories; it is high cardio and also high intensity if you play hard. Jio me if you reading this ok; I already got my boots and a ball. Well in case I do not get to play soccer as much, I will also aim to run, not just jogging at a relax pace, but more to push and run with a specific timing to achieve. I shall aim to run my 2.4km in under 12 mins. Let's see where all these will take us. Jiayou Xingwei.