Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Progress

It's been 6 months now. Last month I said I was in the best shape of my life, and this month again I improved on that. Let's hope I create new "best shape" every single month and keep improving on my body. I had my photo shoot last month and was very happy with the pictures I took. My first goal of looking slimmer for my photoshoot had been achieved.

My weight is now about 74kg plus, close to 75kg. I have to admit that in the month of November right after my photoshoot, I had been giving myself some slack. I was like a reward to myself for having achieved good results. Together with other celebrations such as my birthday, November became sort of like a "cheat month". Yes end of the day I still did managed to shave off 500g for my weigh in, but overall fitness goals were not met. I did not run 2.4 in 12 mins nor did I managed 26 pull ups. Yes I was dissapointed but I guess the break was required for me to recharge mentally.

6 pacs becoming more obvious

From the 1st month to now.

Time to build back those muscles.

Alright November was a "cheat month" hence I shall try to make up for it in December. I shall not set fitness goals such as 2.4 timing or number of pull ups first. I do not want to stress myself out. I will also reduce running so that I can focus on (clean) bulking up again. Let's hope I can make more improvements in December despite it being a festive month too. Jiayou.

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