Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wedding Package Settled - La Belle Couture

Our day started with Starcheerelite meeting & cheer training @ JBCC in the afternoon. Training was fun & effective. Been many years since I trained my basic. Soon after the training, we rushed down to Furama Riverfront Hotel to meet Starry's auntie's friend, Don, who was working there as catering sales manager. He brought us to see the ballrooms and shared with us their wedding packages. After viewing their ballroom, we were a little concern with the height of the ballroom as it seemed low to us. Don told us that the height was 5.6 m. We decided to give this hotel a missed as the ceiling was a little too low.

Furama Riverfront Hotel

After viewing Furama Riverfront Hotel, we went to Viviocity as there was a wedding planner exhibition. We had a healthy & yummy dinner @ Soup Spoon before heading down to the wedding fair. 

The wedding fair was fully packed with people. Before we even step into the fair, we were approached by a sales person from La Belle Couture and he guided us to their booth. We were attended by Candy & Lucas. They were very friendly and fun as they shared with us their wedding portfolio and wedding package. There were also very patient in answering all our questions. Their wedding package was very comprehensive and flexible to changes. Without realizing, we were at the La Belle Couture booth for about an hour and the fair was going to end for the day. Initially our plan was to visit the Orchard Hotel booth first before we looked out for a wedding package. We told Candy & Lucas about it and Lucas brought us to the Orchard Hotel booth as he was worried that we would be snatched by their competitors. 

At the Orchard Hotel Booth, we got most of our questions answered by Dan. As Starry did not bring the credit card he wanted to use, we would be back to the wedding fair tomorrow to settle the down payment. Dan brought us back to La Belle Couture booth as we told them that we would be back after visiting Orchard Hotel booth. Initially our plan was just to look around and compared the different wedding packages. However as we were very impressed with their services (which matter to me as I'm quite fussy), and also the good reviews that we read online, we decided to sign up for their wedding package - $3888 which was within our budget. Woohoo... We had settled our wedding package. Yeah! =)  


  1. Hi,

    I have chosen La Belle too. Care to share how many poses do u have?

  2. Good morning!

    Do you mind to share with me the package to signed with La Belle?

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