Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy PaPa's Day!

For this year Father's Day, I made a collage specially for my PaPa. My PaPa is a man of few words. Although he never said anything when I gave him the present, his smiley expression already revealed his liking for the present that I had made for him. Yeah! Thank you PaPa for all the love and concern over the past twenty over years. You are an awesome PaPa! Cheers! =) 

Other than celebrating my PaPa's day @ night having steamboat and bbq @ our home sweet home, we also celebrated Starry's Father's Day in the afternoon @ West Coast Jack's Place. Xinghui suggested bringing Starry's father to Jack's Place as he loves the steak there and eating @ West Coast Jack's Place brought back many of their sweet old memories. We had a great and enjoyable lunch together. 

Hereby wishing all the fathers, "Happy Father's Day!" =)

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