Friday, January 15, 2010


One week has past since the last update.

We have not been going out for any big celebrations or "gai gai" the past week. Trying to keep things simplier and not spend too much.

Well but simple is nice too, and we still see each other quite often.

070110 - Went to Snow's place for dinner after work.

080110 - Went over to Snow's place again for dinner cum watched Invictus together.

090110 - Went out at night to watch the movie Sherlock Holmes together with her Bro.

120110 - Went to gym to exercise again before going her place for dinner

130110 - Went to visit my grandma together

140110 - She came over to my place for dinner and watched the 9pm show together.

Simple living can be very blissful too. One does not need to always go out in order to have fun.

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