Sunday, February 21, 2010

I want to learn more

Went for Herbalife Success Training Seminar today. I think it was good, at least now Liu Dear knows more about what I am doing and what I am taking.

Herbalife is indeed a good nutritional product, but it will only work if you work. I lost 6-8 kg since. Life is not only about wealth, it is about health as well. Many of you reading this may still be young and will not feel the appreciation for good health. But if you wait till you are ill before you start, it will be too late.

Going for 3 more seminar next week. Really looking forward to them, it keeps my life full. Start to build your wealth, your financial blueprint when you are young, every bit will go a long way.

Other than that, had a really good day at home with Liu Dear, just cooking and making some dinner for ourselves and watching TV. It was a relaxed and well enjoyed night.

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